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  • Phone number for enquiries lesmills international.

    I sent lots of emails to Lesmills international info, but they never read the email..anyone knows... Read »

    Twenty One weeks ago


  • Bodybalance 66 tracklist?

    Any scoop?... Read »

    Twenty Five weeks ago


  • RPM 63 Combined Track 8/9

    Okay so we released this new format today and got a lot of questions re: the combined... Read »

    Twenty Six weeks ago


  • Body Flow 65 - Hold on - Problems playing

    For some strange reason, my phone will not play this track.  It skips right over it.  It... Read »

    Twenty Seven weeks ago


  • Lack of Sizes/ product etc, FRUSTRATING

    Reebok has had almost a year to figure out the sticking issue.  I am thrilled with the... Read »

    Twenty Eight weeks ago


  • 85 track 6

    Left food lead?  Isn't it usually right lead on the floor with the participants?... Read »

    Twenty Nine weeks ago


  • Where are the Les Mills classes when you want them?

    I would usually attend Body Pump/Step/Combat 5-6 times a week but have recently moved to the Isle of... Read »

    Thirty One weeks ago


  • Tubes Snapping

    Hi all,I'm a relatively new CX instructor and been teaching for about 6 months.  I've... Read »

    Thirty Six weeks ago


  • questions about cues (left/right/teaching in mirror)

    Dear CXWorx instructors -- question for you about 'mirroring.' I just got CXWorx 15 and about to... Read »

    Thirty Six weeks ago


  • GRIT and weight gain?

    Anyone else experience weight gain while taking GRIT?  Not a tone; 3 pounds or so. I've only... Read »

    Thirty Seven weeks ago