The Les Mills Instructor Portal is an exciting new feature that makes interacting with Les Mills online a whole lot easier. The new portal allows instructors to:

  • View and update their profile
  • Access education materials
  • Purchase and download releases
  • Find and book events including GROUNDWORKS, Quarterly Workshops, AIMs, Group Fitness Business Seminars and Certification (Initial) trainings
  • Manage their LES MILLS® certifications
  • View their training outcomes, feedback and CECs/CEUs
  • Upload their assessment videos, view feedback and print their certifications

Basically, it's a one-stop-shop for everything they need to do with Les Mills online. Although it seems simple enough, we all know online things can be a bit tricky sometimes! Check out these handy FAQs if you need more information

If you're a Les Mills Instructor in the East or West Coast regions of the US, try out the new system for yourself.

We're working on getting instructors throughout the US - and the world - access to the new portal, so hold tight! More information to come soon, talk to your  local agent for details.