Experience the opportunity of a lifetime by starting your career with Les Mills™! Become a star performer, packing classes with your passion, skill and the support of the world’s leading group fitness exponents.

Our instructor training is not just informative, it’s inspirational. You’ll cover the 5 key elements of training - choreography, technique, coaching, connecting, and fitness magic. It’s the only training out there to transform your raw talent into a world-class performance, every time.

You’ll also have the opportunity to continue your career by choosing one of a number of different paths. Becoming a Les Mills™ instructor is the first step in becoming a Trainer, an Assessor, a Group Fitness Manager and more.

“Becoming a Les Mills instructor made me realize I can do things I never dreamed of doing. It made me realize that even just starting at 44 I had things to offer and make a difference in other peoples lives. ”

- Brad Albert (Maryland, USA)

The steps to becoming an instructor



To become a LES MILLS™ instructor you need to be associated with a club that has an active license in the program you want to teach. Your club has LES MILLS™ programs? Contact your Club Owner or Group Fitness Manager and ask them to 'sponsor' your training.


The next step is to sign your instructor agreement. With this you will get a login to www.lesmills.com, which will let you attend initial training and also give you access to all the training resources you need to become an awesome LES MILLS™ instructor.


LES MILLS­™ initial training workshops are designed to give you the tools and techniques to create life-changing fitness experiences in every class you teach. At the workshop you will receive the latest program release, program manuals, as well as hands-on time with a certified National Trainer who will give you instruction and feedback to guide your progress. ACE/ AFAA and CEC's/ CEU's are also offered where valid.


After you've finished your initial training you'll need to submit a video of you teaching your class. This is to ensure that you are creating a safe and effective workout environment for your participants, to keep up the quality of LES MILLS™ instructors, and to make sure you are instructing to your full potential. Once your assessment is in and marked you'll be certified to teach your program if you've passed, or given another chance to resit your assessment if you haven't.