Les Mills Warranty

At Les Mills Merchandise Limited (Les Mills) we are committed to offering you LES MILLS™ branded fitness equipment of the highest quality, including Les Mills’ innovative new SMARTSTEP™ bench and risers, SMARTBAR™ barbell and weights plates, Don Oliver barbells, CXWORX™ tubes and VIVE™ balls.

If you wish to make a warranty claim with respect to any Equipment you’ve purchased from Les Mills or one of our authorised distributors, please click here to be directed to our standard warranty claim form.

Please note that each of the products referred to above comes with its own unique warranty terms and conditions. For more information on the warranty terms applying to a specific product, please refer to your local authorised distributor of LES MILLS™ branded equipment products.

If you are a private consumer purchasing Equipment for your personal, domestic use, you are entitled to the applicable legal rights stated in your national legislation concerning the commerce of consumer goods. The Equipment warranties do not restrict these rights. However, please be aware that these rights do not apply if you are purchasing the Equipment for business / commercial purposes.

General Warranty Terms

Les Mills’ Equipment warranties:

  • are valid only in countries where Les Mills has an authorised Equipment distributor. They cover manufacturing faults occurring during the warranty period in Equipment purchased from Les Mills or a distributor authorised by Les Mills. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and does not cover second hand Equipment or re-sold Equipment. The Equipment must remain in the possession of the original buyer/owner and bear the original manufacturer’s serial number (where applicable). The warranty period commences from the date on which the original buyer purchases the Equipment. Warranty repairs will not extend the warranty period.
  • cover only failures due to manufacturing faults that occur during normal use. They do not extend to faults resulting from normal wear, misuse, abuse, corrosion, damage incurred during loading or transportation, where the Equipment has been used other than as recommended by Les Mills or modified without the consent of Les Mills or improper storage. See here for instructions of usage and storage of the SMARTBAR™ and SMARTSTEP™.

    Personal Use Warranty - SMARTBAR™
    Business Use Warranty - SMARTBAR™
    Instructions for Business - SMARTSTEP™

  • are invalid where the Equipment does not bear its original manufacturer’s serial number sticker or similar identifier or where such sticker or identifier has been removed, altered or tampered with in any way.

Neither Les Mills nor its authorised Equipment distributors will be liable for any defects due to reasons beyond their control or for consequential damages or for breach of any implied warranty on the range of Equipment.

Claim Process

In the event that you wish to make a warranty claim, please complete and submit the Warranty Claim Form, ensuring you complete all the relevant fields. If incomplete information is provided, this may delay the processing of your warranty claim. The Warranty Claim Form will be sent to your local Les Mills’ Equipment distributor for assessment and follow up.


Enquiries regarding warranties should be made to your local Les Mills-authorised Equipment distributor in the first instance.

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