eCLUB Marketing Resources


Whether it's creating an exciting launch event or running an in-club campaign, you'll have all the resources you need to draw in new members as well as inspire your existing ones with Les Mills eCLUB.

In-Club Marketing

Program Posters

Attract new participants to your group fitness and team training classes with these eye-catching program posters.

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Quarterly Posters

Create buzz for your latest quarterly re-launch event with these posters - refreshed every quarter with new images.

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Use these brochures to give your members more information about your group fitness and team training classes.

Class Passes

Attract new members to your facility by giving them a taste of a Les Mills group fitness or team training class.

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Get THE GROUP EFFECT Campaign Resources

Motivation, inspiration and results with the newest campaign resources: Get THE GROUP EFFECT Class Passes, Posters and Instructor Recruitment materials.

Instructor Recruitment

Instructor Recruitment  Resources

Attract world-class group fitness instructors for your facility with these instructor recruitment resources.

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Program videos

Use these videos to promote your group fitness or team training classes in presentations, screens, or online.

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Club Decor

Wall images

Create a magical group fitness environment in your facility by using these large wall decor images.

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Use these aspirational banners around your facility to market your group fitness or team training classes.

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Online Marketing


Send customized emails to your members promoting your group fitness or team training classes.

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Les Mills Branding

Program Logos

Looking for timetable logos? How about program logos to use in your latest marketing promotions? You can find them all here.

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Les Mills logos

Use our brand to promote yours, get all the Les Mills logos here.

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Filming Images

Latest Filming IMages

Check out our latest filming images for professional photos of group fitness and team training classes and world-class instructor imagery.

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