Body Combat clothing

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  •  05-21-2007, 3:38 PM 7016

    Body Combat clothing

    Hello world Big Smile

    I'm looking at many many many wonderful pictures of all U guys out there. And one thing strikes me; where do you get/buy your cool BC clothes? I've been searching the web for LMI clothing. Have ordered freom lesmillsboutique, lmclothing and the australian store. Is there any other good sites out there where I can get some cool clothes? Please direct me to others web sites which are selling BC clothes.

    I'm looking espacially for trousers or 3/4 pants......

    And to all the work's that are done doing Combat - keep it UP!

    Kia Kaha Yes

  •  05-21-2007, 5:00 PM 7019 in reply to 7016

    Re: Body Combat clothing

    A few months back I received an instructor "poll" on how LMI could bring more to us as instructors in the way of their clothing line.....I'm hoping that is a process in the making!  Honestly, if they sold "similar" outfits to the releases,  they would sell out!  Since they don't as of yet, I have found Nike's webcite to be the best alternative option.  You can have your group director get the "tatoos" or symbols and add them to your attire or just go with Nike.  The dry-fit line is perfect for combat and they have pants in all shapes and sizes.  It is a bit pricey but it's long lasting and looks great!


  •  05-23-2007, 5:56 AM 7100 in reply to 7016

    Re: Body Combat clothing

  •  05-23-2007, 12:59 PM 7118 in reply to 7016

    Re: Body Combat clothing

    Hi everyone,

    One post; two replies.... looks like people have replied with some links...

    If you put www DOT here it gets stuck in mod for ages as possible spam.

    I'm also quite interested in the replies... could you please re-post WITHOUT links (!!!) otherwise it could be a fortnight before we get your advice....



  •  05-23-2007, 1:31 PM 7120 in reply to 7118

    Re: Body Combat clothing

    Thanks Rob...I was wondering what the gig was! 

    A bit earlier (right before the cite was accessable) I received a poll from LMI about how to improve their clothing line.  I'm hoping that is a work in progress....anyone??  Honestly, if they offered similar outfits to that of each launch, they would be selling off the shelf!  I often see participants in combat (30's release several had similar shirts to Rach and Kili's but not exact) and I thought if we had an opportunity to buy....I know I would!  The best alternative for me has been Nike's cite.  My fitness team and I have all ordered multiple matching pants/shirts for our launches AND they actually have some kick boxing/cardio attire.  Their dry-fit pants are awesome....and they have them in all lengths and sizes.  They are a bit expensive...around $65 and up but they do hold up well.  If your a Jam instructor the dance line is off the hook!

    If you are looking for the tatoos/symbols to add to your clothing, ask your group director if he/she can access the e-club cite and you can add those to most clothes! 


  •  05-26-2007, 11:39 AM 7264 in reply to 7019

    Re: Body Combat clothing

    Thanks for shearing your experience Big Smile
    If anyone else has some tip of the day - the line is still open
  •  05-31-2007, 7:46 AM 7547 in reply to 7264

    Re: Body Combat clothing

    all the LM clothing sites that I'm aware of and have been notified of I have published at:

    www (dot)


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