Abs and Pregnancy in Body Vive 3

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  •  01-14-2008, 4:32 PM 21605

    Abs and Pregnancy in Body Vive 3

    I had a pregnant girl in class this morning and during the strength 2 track as well as the ab track I wasn't sure what options to give her.  The strength 2 portion was where you lift your hips to a bridge and squeeze the ball between your knees.  Pregnant women should not be on their back, what should I have done?

     The same goes for the ab tracks - they do not give many options for pregnant women who can not lay flat on the floor.   Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  •  01-15-2008, 6:14 AM 21647 in reply to 21605

    Re: Abs and Pregnancy in Body Vive 3

    Pregnant women can be on their back up to a certain point...but each woman is different.  It really depends on her size and the baby's size.  Show her the side crunch from BV 5...most definitely can do that one. 

    You bring up an interesting point.  It would be nice to have a pregnancy guide for BV like there is for BP.   I don't remember the training stressing that BV is for pregnant women, more post partum.  But, hey, we've already acknowledged that we can give some options...why not come up with a few more. 

    Personally, I think it is very hard to teach a completely "other move"...showing low or high options to the exercise flows pretty easily...but to take the time to show a completely different exercise takes up a lot of time.  If you can, visit with your pregnant members before class to give them their options. 

    It will be interesting to see what others recommend.  Anybody else?

  •  03-09-2008, 4:00 AM 24808 in reply to 21605

    Re: Abs and Pregnancy in Body Vive 3

    Hi There,
    Use the cat stretch  and horse stance positions for back care when pregnant mums cant ly ontheir belly and during the ab track , you can use pelvic tilts squeezing the vive ball and even work on their side after 24 weeks. Some good options for pregnant women are in the Bodybalance section of release 40 and on the website.
    Ask paticipants to modify  and to adapt to what they cando 
     Good luck Maggie

    maggie may 602
  •  10-30-2008, 2:14 AM 43199 in reply to 21605

    Re: Abs and Pregnancy in Body Vive 3

    Curious to know how pregnant your attendee is.  I have Vive'd through to week 9 with no need for modifications, my girlfriend is currently at week 22, very round and still doing the same core moves as me (on my back) in Balance (Flow).  Would be interesting to hear some professional/medical feedback.
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