How many calories would you burn in pump?

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  •  04-01-2008, 7:18 AM 26203

    How many calories would you burn in pump?

    I have never burnt more than about 400 cals and that is pushing it in pump but i have had a discussion with a person who claims they burn 800 cals in pump and comes out dripping in sweat etc.  Can this be true - as far as i know they don't lift really heavy weights as they have only been doing the class for about 1 month.  What do you reckon?
  •  04-01-2008, 12:15 PM 26222 in reply to 26203

    Re: How many calories would you burn in pump?

    When half an hour of sprints and run upstairs to pump my heart rate is still elevated and I may burn an extra 100 calories.  But I think that for a male 400 is about right.  I think of Pump as going to the bank and investing in CD's.  The higher metabolism will pay off in fat burning dividends later in the day.

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  •  04-01-2008, 1:57 PM 26227 in reply to 26222

    Re: How many calories would you burn in pump?

    400 does sound about right for a male.

    i'm a 5'3, 10.5 stone female and the most i've ever done is 520, and that was upping all my weights, and really pushing it (i.e super deep squats, low lunges).

    The only thing i can think of with the 800 cals person, is maybe as they are new to the class, their body is still reacting to the differing exercises, are they overweight? If so they are likely to burn more calories than someone who is not, especially if very obese.

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  •  04-01-2008, 2:06 PM 26228 in reply to 26203

    Re: How many calories would you burn in pump?

    A person's weight is a large part of the total calories.  I started at 217# and pushed hard.  My W/W calculator marked a solid 10 points.  This can be roughly equated to 55 cal/ point....550 cal total.  Now, 28 pounds lighter, I'm pushing a lot more weight but my calculator only yields 9 points.  Overall, you create a lot more muscle to burn more fat and you continue to burn fat at an accelerated rate after the class.  My floor space looks like somebody spilled their water bottle when we finish!
  •  04-01-2008, 11:15 PM 26249 in reply to 26228

    Re: How many calories would you burn in pump?

    Calories burned is individual to the person - size, weight, fitness all play a part.

    I havn't worn my HRM in Pump in ages as, as others have said, you will continue burning calories after the class.

    I used to get about 650.

    I get sweat dripping off my elbows in Squats.

  •  04-02-2008, 12:56 AM 26252 in reply to 26249

    Re: How many calories would you burn in pump?

    Never been into Heart Rate Monitors myself.    I did a class last week where I trained about 30-45 minutes after having a big bowl of museli and coffee.  I rode to the gym which was 2.2 km. I weighed myself at 66.50 kg at 5''8 which is my weight when I have had a good carb load like that. I did a brilliant workout, Squats 12 per side, Chest 15 per side, Back 17.5 kg per side, Triceps 6 per side, Biceps 10 per side finishing at 6.25 kg after a drop set, for lunges 20 kg per side,excellent form, shoulders using 5 kg plates.   After the workout I weighed 66.20 kg.    I have been doing Pump for a while. I don't know how many calories I burned, but I reckon 600-800 would be about right. I used the steel bar like the New Zealand ones.  
  •  04-03-2008, 3:52 AM 26308 in reply to 26252

    Re: How many calories would you burn in pump?

    This has been discussed a number of times before. Search the forum for the other threads.

    Obviously the harder you work the more cals you burn. I also find that my heart rate gets higher when it is hotter in the studio, which means my HRM records a higher calorie burn even though I would have done the same weights.

    My highest burn was about 750 cals but usually average around 700.

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  •  04-08-2008, 3:42 AM 26565 in reply to 26308

    Re: How many calories would you burn in pump?

    heaps and heaps.
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