Learning Choreo

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  •  01-15-2013, 3:31 PM 144206

    Learning Choreo

    Hello fellow Attackers,

    I'm a brand new instructor looking for any tips or advice on the fastest, most efficient ways to learn choreography. And wondering if it is in fact true that it gets easier over time?  I feel as if my entire life is consumed with Attack music!  Good thing I love it, but I'd like to be able to pick it up faster.

    Thank you! :) 

  •  01-15-2013, 10:12 PM 144218 in reply to 144206

    Re: Learning Choreo

    Oh you will learn it faster as you pack more and more releases in your head :) I promise you!!! I personally play my music while I commute to work, but watch the video first so I know where the changes happen. Then when driving I go over the choreo in my head and where I get stuck is where I know I need to review the video again! I also find some tracks are easier to remember than others! 

  •  01-16-2013, 9:09 AM 144225 in reply to 144206

    Re: Learning Choreo

    Yes! It gets waaaay easier. You need to find out your own best way to learn. A lot of my friends find it easiest to learn by physically doing the release. I am more of a book learner. I sit down with my notes and my itunes and I study it. I rewind and fast forward and listen for the different blocks of music. I write everything down.


    No matter what way you use to learn, it will get faster and faster with each release. You begin to really "feel" what four and eight of everything is like, and it comes much more naturally. You will find recurring patterns, so you can organize moves into blocks more efficiently. Not just like round 1 and round 2, but smaller blocks within the blocks too. 

  •  01-22-2013, 8:03 AM 144358 in reply to 144225

    Re: Learning Choreo

    Thank you for the info!!  I'm feeling overwhelmed trying to learn it all & perfect it.  It's a relief to hear that it does get easier & come more naturally over time. :)
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