Pregnancy and BodyFlow

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  •  12-18-2011, 11:05 AM 124069

    Pregnancy and BodyFlow

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a BodyFlow Instructor in Canada and I am currently 4 months pregnant. I'm still teaching class and so far I've been able to modify certain positions and still make the class challenging for members. I'm just wondering if anyone has been in this situation and had any suggestions or tips on what they did, how long you were able to teach and any challenges you found. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks :)

  •  12-19-2011, 9:43 AM 124158 in reply to 124069

    Re: Pregnancy and BodyFlow

    Congratulations!  First let me say I personally have not taught while pregnant, but a fellow instructor taught throughout all her pregnancies.  She teaches Flow, Vive, Pump and Jam.  And she taught up until the day before she delivered!  Crazy, but true!  There are pregnancy options in the choreo notes for Flow, so you can look at those and I believe there are pregnancy options for other classes as well.    Also, she used a Belly Belt to support her growing bundle while doing classes.  And her verbal cues and descriptions were clear so that those participants who were not pregnant, could easily do the regular choreography.  Mostly, I think you have to listen to your body to find out what will work for you.   

  •  12-27-2011, 7:25 PM 124748 in reply to 124069

    Re: Pregnancy and BodyFlow


    I have been doing quite a few of the Les Mills classes at my local gym (Flow,Pump,Combat, Step) for about 5 months and have since lost 30 pounds. I have recently found out that I am pregnant, which I am VERY excited about. However, I am worried that I will have to stop attending these classes because they may become too strenuous. When you find out what to do, can you post it on here? I would love the help as well.


  •  12-27-2011, 9:14 PM 124753 in reply to 124748

    Re: Pregnancy and BodyFlow


    The rule of thumb is that if you have been active before you became pregnant, then you can continue what you have been doing. You will need to modify the further along you get; i.e. staying with low impact, avoiding over stretching, and not lying on your back past mid pregnancy.

    Of course, you should always consult with a qualified professional like your family doctor or OB/GYN.

    Good luck :) 

  •  12-28-2011, 2:21 PM 124777 in reply to 124753

    Re: Pregnancy and BodyFlow

    Thanks for all the advice! I should have mentioned in my first post that this is my second pregnancy and that I also teach Jam. I stopped the BodyJam so far because of lower back pain after class and it was the same with my first pregnancy. But with BodyFlow I don't experience any pain from teaching. I modify the exercises accordingly and I found that placing a pillow under my butt during core-abs I can do the lying down exercises without putting too much strain on the baby "hopefully" because apparently even if I feel fine doesn't mean the baby is.

    As far as knowing what to do, I just follow what my body says and as long as I'm still providing the members with high options I can keep teaching for a while longer :)

  •  01-02-2012, 5:08 AM 124962 in reply to 124777

    Re: Pregnancy and BodyFlow

    If you can get a hold of Bodyflow/balance 23. Emma Barry is demonstrating the pregnancy options. You may need to hunt that down.
  •  01-02-2012, 2:37 PM 124989 in reply to 124069

    Re: Pregnancy and BodyFlow

    While I haven't taught Flow while pregnant, I have taught yogafit and danced through 3 pregnancies all the way til the week of delivery at ages 25, 28 and 35. Had I been trained in flow at those times, I would have taught it all the way though. Use the pregnancy modifications shown and you should be able to contact LM directly if you have more questions. Use your cues to offer advanced options. Another option would be to create some mix cd's from previous releases using the tracks that are more conducive to a pregnant body.  Of course always be aware of how you feel, your dr's orders, and realize that you have to be careful of overstretching due to the hormones that relax all those ligaments.  
  •  01-02-2012, 4:49 PM 124995 in reply to 124989

    Re: Pregnancy and BodyFlow


     Another option would be to create some mix cd's from previous releases using the tracks that are more conducive to a pregnant body. 

    remembering that not all your participants are pregnant and will not want to spend the next nine months doing the pregnancy options

    I am not an instructor
  •  01-19-2012, 4:54 AM 126313 in reply to 124069

    Re: Pregnancy and BodyFlow

    Hi and congrats!

    I am also pregnant (13 wks) and have found the training module book from intial training fantastic as it has a section on pregnancy modifications which has been great as I am just starting to use a few now. I have a few ladies at various stages of pregnancy attending as well who needed options as well. I found  some older releases which offered pregnancy options eg BB/BF 40 and picked trainers brains when attending the latest quarterly workshop.

    So far for myself the biggest challenge was the absolute exhaustion in the first trimester which made it difficult to keep up anything close to normal pace.Luckily my energy has gone back to normal in the last 2 weeks. Once the members were made aware of my pregnancy that made things a bit easier and they have been very understanding and curious even. As long as I have been clear in my cueing and explained when certain modifications are required for bubs but encouraged them to push themselves they are still enjoying the class and finding themselves challenged. Maybe even challenged by the idea of keeping up with the preggy instructor lol. It has certainly intrigued my pumpers thats for sure.

    I'm just going with the flow no pun intended and letting bubs decide when and if I stop teaching. Hope all goes well for you.Smile

  •  01-31-2012, 9:09 AM 127159 in reply to 124753

    Re: Pregnancy and BodyFlow

    Can you give some options to lying on the back?  I have several pregnant ladies in class (at different stages) and I've shown some options but would really love another  perspective.... Your help would be so appreciated. Smile 
  •  02-04-2012, 6:43 AM 127460 in reply to 127159

    Re: Pregnancy and BodyFlow

    Any preggy ladies I have had do my classes when its has come to tracks on the back I usually offer the options of pointers, bridges, hindi squats, camel pose, kneeling or cat stretches depending what release I'm teaching and what stage of pregnancy my participants are at. For relaxation/meditation the option of lying on the left side or sitting, possibly with their back to a wall if they are more comfortable upright. Of course now that I'm pregnant myself I having to start using some of these options lol.

    Hope this helps Smile

  •  02-15-2012, 3:00 PM 128045 in reply to 124069

    Re: Pregnancy and BodyFlow

    36 weeks along now with my second pregnancy and I'm still teaching pump and flow., and spin  Only stopped combat because it was terribly uncomfortable once I was 20 weeks.  My advice is to do whatever feels right.  For me, I haven't had to modify much.  For the last 6-8 weeks now I don't lay on my belly, and I keep my legs a bit wider for sun salutations, but that's about it.  I try to pick back releases where the laying on the belly is minimal, or I demonstrate from a seated position.  Bodyflow makes me feel amazing while preggo, hopefully you too.  Enjoy!!!!
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