Body Pump Video

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  •  05-02-2007, 10:40 AM 6183

    Body Pump Video

    I was taking Body Pump at a local gym, but I moved and they do not have Body Pump at my new gym. Do they have a Body Pump video?  Does anyone know if I can get one and where?  I really want to keep up with it.. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks

  •  05-02-2007, 11:55 AM 6191 in reply to 6183

    Re: Body Pump Video

    What do you mean exactly? like a "do it at home" bodypump class where a person in the vid is giving you the class and you can do it at home or anywhere?
  •  05-02-2007, 1:20 PM 6193 in reply to 6191

    Re: Body Pump Video

    Yes!  Do you know if they sell Body Pump Videos?
  •  05-02-2007, 1:57 PM 6194 in reply to 6193

    Re: Body Pump Video

    Yes!  Do you know if they sell Body Pump Videos?

    Aah, that age-old and often-asked question...

    Sorry - but the answer is that Les Mills DVDs only exist only for the purpose of training instructors, and are not (officially) available to anyone else.

    It is also a bone of contention to many participants (myself included) that not even the music CDs are available to anyone other than instructors.

  •  05-02-2007, 2:42 PM 6196 in reply to 6194

    Re: Body Pump Video

    No they are not available.  However I have seen some older releases "for sale" on the Internet Super Angry

    -- I am very sure that is illegal.

     cheers, rosa

    ETA: I understand the frustration in regards to not being able to buy the CD, however I have always let my participants that most of the music is available fo download at I-Tunes or a similar site.  HTH.

  •  05-02-2007, 4:05 PM 6199 in reply to 6183

    Re: Body Pump Video

    Hey Melissa,

    Can't find a gym with pump? Look left and click on class locator, type in your area and bingo any classes in your area will come up.  If not in your suburb try surrounding one until you get a match.

    Happy pumping!Big Smile

     Oh, videos/dvds are for instructor education purposes only.



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  •  05-28-2007, 11:47 PM 7375 in reply to 6183

    Re: Body Pump Video

    Hi Melissa,
    Are you still looking for body pump videos?  Some people are selling them on Ebay.  Just type Les Mills. 

  •  05-31-2007, 7:42 AM 7546 in reply to 7375

    Re: Body Pump Video

    And as fast as people are selling them on ebay, LMI are trying to get them removed from ebay. It's not legal.

    Just remember that asking for LM music in any other way then via the legal channels breaches copyright. Many of you probably don't know, but I was on the old LM forums over 4 years ago when they were closed down because of copyright issues and people asking for music.

    Please let's not let that happen again.

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  •  05-31-2007, 8:46 PM 7576 in reply to 7546

    Re: Body Pump Video

    Thank you misfit, couldn't say it better myself!!!! When are people going to realise the only way to obtain LM music and dvd's are through LM and only if you are qualified to teach the particular programme.  They are the instructors educational and teaching tools.

    Happy Pumping!

    Always Be the Best You Can, Never Ever, Ever Give Up! Dare to be Different! What You See is What You Get!
  •  05-31-2007, 11:44 PM 7588 in reply to 7576

    Re: Body Pump Video

    I think having your own video or dvd at home will not be very safe either.. I don't think the recorded instructor will correct you if you do it it not exactly right ;)

     About the music, I always look at the tracklist to see which songs have been use. then i buy these songs on Itunes. This way I have my own, legal, BP cd. Only thing is that the songs are the original ones, not the ones edited fot class. but hey, it's the feeling u get that counts, right!!



  •  02-18-2011, 1:37 AM 102031 in reply to 7546

    Re: Body Pump Video

    @misfit- You can get the music if you want, it's not an issue of copyright, it's available on itunes. It's, however, our responsibility to format it in the order needed for the workout. The only copyright infringement would be if the creator (artist) did not agree to distribute it, but they have.
  •  02-18-2011, 1:41 AM 102032 in reply to 7588

    Re: Body Pump Video

    Jeroen, I've been doing BP for 9 yrs now and out of at least 15 instructors have yet to see more than one actually correct people, I've watched so many people doing things SO wrong- but the instructors just talk like they're talking to the whole class and let it continue. My first instructor was the best- years ago. 

    IN FACT I recently walked up and asked an instructor to ask a lady in the back row to move her 3 gym bags and extra weight bar out from in front of the weight rack and he NEVER did..I had to ask her toward the end of class after I and about 4 other people tripped over it. How safe was that????  So this little power trip that BP instructors have gotten is unfounded- it's a joke- it used to be valid but as time goes on, it's a big to-do with little follow through on the purpose behind only instructors having the DVD and music. I'm getting fed up with BP!

  •  02-18-2011, 3:57 AM 102040 in reply to 102032

    Re: Body Pump Video

    Was it really worth dredging up a 4 year old thread to rant about instructors on a power trip (especially when it's not really on topic anyway). Wow......
  •  10-14-2011, 1:37 PM 119895 in reply to 6183

    Re: Body Pump Video

    Beachbody and les mills just teamed up and they will be releasing a program called PUMP for at home use. If you want to keep up to date on it. Just send me a message. 

  •  10-25-2011, 1:11 AM 120643 in reply to 119895

    Re: Body Pump Video

    Hi TKStace810,

    I would be VERY interested in this please! 

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