Body pump and weight loss

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  •  04-25-2011, 6:35 PM 107171

    Body pump and weight loss


    I have been doing body pump and I have to admit its not my favorite class. I know strength trainning and weights are an important part in helping someone achieve their weight loss goals. How often should I be doing body pump if I am trying to loose weight? The two classes I have been doing are Body Pump and Body Combat.

    Also, how many calories does a class burn minimum? I am 5'4 and 165lbs..not sure if that helps.


  •  04-25-2011, 6:54 PM 107173 in reply to 107171

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    Not an instructor so only speaking from my own experience of losing weight with Pump/Combat.  I started to see more results when I went to 2-3 classes of each per week; I was able to increase weights and really see the scales shift.

     Calorie-wise, it's entirely dependent on your fitness level, heart rate and VO2Max; and what weights you're lifting.  For me, similar height but lighter, Pump burns 350-400 depending on the track mix and that's with decent weights. Combat is 500-600. 

    The biggest part in losing weight efficiently though isn't Pump or Combat.  It's what you eat.  Cut out sugar and refined carbs too. 

  •  04-25-2011, 7:49 PM 107175 in reply to 107173

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    Thanks for your post!
    I have also been eating super healthy..hopefully I see some results because I have been been this heavy and it doesnt feel too great.

    Do you know how much you lost on average per month?

  •  04-25-2011, 11:35 PM 107185 in reply to 107171

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    Hi Lisa

    Great choice in selecting Les Mills as part of your fitness program.

    This is my opinion.  Weight loss can be basically summed in this formula:

    Energy IN < Energy OUT

    Translated, to achieve weight-loss, more energy needs to used than it is consumed.

    As an instructor, I can only provide some knowledge on these to effectively achieve your goals, as these are not my areas of expertise.  So, my advice is to seek expertise opinion from the following: doctor, nutritionist, and fitness trainer.  Tell each of them that you wish to use LM programs as your preferred method of exercise, and they'll provide appropriate advice to meet your objectives.

    To answer your questions:

    Frequency - 3 regularly spaced BodyPump classes ensuring appropriate weight selection to reach target intensity followed by a cardio class (like BC, BA, BS, BJ, or RPM)

    Burn rate - there are sections on this website which states what the target energy usage is.  This is dependent on muscle-mass and intensity throughout the class.

    I hope this helps.

    "With great power comes great responsibility" Spiderman
  •  04-26-2011, 2:54 PM 107223 in reply to 107175

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    Do you know how much you lost on average per month?

    To be honest, it varied.  Sometimes you hit a plateau and need to keep pushing.  Sometimes you lose 3lbs in a week without changing anything in particular.  Bear in mind that sometimes you won't see the scales move but you may see the results in your clothes since your body composition is changing.  Muscle is more dense than fat so it can be worthwhile getting a tape measure out and making a note of your hip, waist, bust (under and fullest point), thigh measurements - sometimes when you get discouraged with the scales, you may see a difference there that helps you keep going.  A tape measure is generally more reliable than body fat % scales since they can vary so much.  Your gym may offer proper body fat % with calipers which would be a good way to track progress too.

     I only added Combat into my workouts in January (after my 3 Pump classes) and since then, I've dropped 8lbs (some of that tough last 5kg to go thankfully) and lost 2 inches around waist/hips/bust. 

     Keep with the super-healthy but (and sure you know this) keep an eye on things like salad dressings, cereal bars, yoghurts etc that can be full of sugar. 

  •  04-26-2011, 11:03 PM 107267 in reply to 107171

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    Hi Lisa;

    I can answer from personal experience and what everybody else said is true: it comes down to what you eat at the end. I have been doing BP for years now and haven't really seen any benefits in terms of weight loss (but quite honestly, I did not care because that's not why I am doing BP). But about a couple of months ago, I started paying attention to what I eat and when I eat. I am still far away from being a healthy eater but I eat much healthier than before and it shows. I lost about 11 pounds in the last 6-7 weeks. I go to BP 3 or 4 times a week and if I can, I try to squeeze in a quick jog after a couple of classes. I always challenge myself and try to keep the weights as high as possible (while not compromising the form) and I think that is one of the keys... The result may not be immediate but based on what you wrote, you are on a good track...


  •  04-27-2011, 1:24 AM 107274 in reply to 107171

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    something to keep in mind is pump will help with Fat loss, which the numbers on the scale dont always reflect. I have gained close to 10kg in weight but have very similar measurements as before i trained in pump and started doing it 3+ times a week. But the good thing is that my metabolism has shot up thanks to the extra energy required by the extra muscle mass

    But for best results 3 classes a week, allowing enough revocery time between each so you can really challange each time.

    and as for calories Its a truely individual thing, I know people who burn as little as 250 while still working hard right up to 600 or 700, if you really want to know grab a heart rate moniter Smile 

    and just one more work of advice, make sure your still fueling your body adequatly, while you need to cut down on calories for weight loss you dont want to inhibit your bodies recovery system, so make sure you have good post workout snacks/meals- lots of good carb and protein!! 


  •  04-27-2011, 3:24 AM 107282 in reply to 107171

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    Thats a interesting question,

     A few of our Club Instructors are International Master Trainers and DVD presenters for Pump, Step and Attack. The big thing I have learnt from them is to eat lean and mean with plenty of Protein. The biggest thing I notice when they are doing there own thing is that follow a rigid free weight and cadio fitness program and they have all told me to do 1 Lesmills class if you can get away with it a day, personally it has taken me a long time to follow this rule but I am finding my body shape is starting to mirror their own.

    But the most important thing I have learnt, when I was 17 yrs old I was obese weighing 110kgs now weighing 74 kgs with 15% body fat, so I have alot experience in this. You need to make your workouts fun and not eat crap, the worst things I eat are the occassional lollie but I always follow 90% fresh 10% process food rule. 



  •  04-27-2011, 9:54 PM 107353 in reply to 107171

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    Hi Lisa,

    I am a Body Pump instructor. Strength training is definitely a very important component to health, fitness training, core strength and stability as well overall weight loss.  What exactly about Pump makes it not your favorite?

    Depending on the weight selection and the intensity at which you push yourself I believe Pump can burn between 450-500 calories. Pump should be done at least 2-3 days a week on alternating days. 

    I am not saying this because I am an instructor because prior to me beginning teaching which was over two years ago, I was a willing participant and through that time taking Pump transformed my entire body. 

    Try tapping into the music and letting it carry you. The songs are so strong and powerful and once you get into a zone I believe you will begin to love it.

    Taking Body Combat is great! If you want to turn up your cardio even higher try Body Attack!  It is definitely a cardio blast and an "attack" on the body and it burns up to 1000 calories once again depending on how hard you push. Sometimes you need to just shock the body and switch up the work out a bit. Play with the weight selection in Pump. Try increasing and challenge yourself. 

    The sense of accomplishment you will feel when the class is over will make you addicted! :) 

    Good Luck and keep pushing!



  •  04-29-2011, 6:24 AM 107473 in reply to 107353

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    I agree with tracie here, getting involved with music is up lifting. I use Body Pump as a form with dealing the stress created from my job, when I have a bad day I load up the squat weight to 42kgs and really drive myself to doing every move correctly to release those thoughts. Find something in your life that makes you want to push harder in every class you do. I was going to suggest, if you find the instructor difficult to understand try another class with a different instructor, when I participate I only do my class's with specific people who I can learn to do Pump better.

    I hope you find Pump more enjoyable in the future as I believe it is the one class where you can really let go, if your keen to push yourself give Attack a go, its really good for people who are fast thinkers and always on the go. Theres nothing like an Attack class where you have no time to rest and it burns the most calories per class- approx 730 calories in each class. 


  •  05-01-2011, 8:48 PM 107656 in reply to 107171

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    Hi Lisa

    I do Pump, Attack and recently did a Step class and RPM. Out of these 4 i see Pump to be far inferior to the other 3 in terms of weight loss. I would seriously suggest trying some other classes.

    Also you say Pump is not your favourite class, that's really not good. When i do BodyAttack i absolutely love it, the tracks and the moves are so great, it's a great calorie burner and it's much more exciting than Pump.

    As mentioned above, a gain in muscle and a loss in fat is not noticeable on the scales. I'm not exactly sure of your goals but this is where body fat analysers ,or as mentioned tape measures, come in handy. And with all areas of fitness, don't expect to see instant results.

    Good Luck


  •  05-02-2011, 4:01 AM 107698 in reply to 107656

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    Pump will never be as much of a calorie burner as Combat/Attack/RPM; it's not designed to be as cardio-based as those programs.  But since it's not all about cardio, Pump does fit into a balanced workout program by giving some resistance work in a group environment.  

    Everyone is different - find the classes that you enjoy doing and do those.  You're more likely to stick with those over the long-term so that you keep the weight off rather than struggling with something you don't enjoy.  Try all the classes you have access to - it might be that you find a surprise one that you enjoy.  Perhaps if your gym runs a kettlebell class, you might enjoy that type of conditioning more than Pump? I expected to enjoy Attack more than Combat - I don't.  Something in Attack just doesn't work for me so I only do it when I can't get to my regular schedule - despite me knowing that it probably would burn more calories than my regular (more enjoyable for me) cardio.

  •  05-10-2011, 1:56 PM 108574 in reply to 107698

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    Well i am not an instructor but i am doing bodypump with big weights like squat 40 kg chest 25 kg and biceps with 12-15 kg an at the end of the class i burn like 800 calories. The calorie watch shows me this number . I think you have to do 3 or 4 times in a week i am doing for four times 

    Emre The BodypumpMonster see ya ;)

  •  05-14-2011, 1:14 PM 108962 in reply to 107656

    Re: Body pump and weight loss


    I do Pump, Attack and recently did a Step class and RPM. Out of these 4 i see Pump to be far inferior to the other 3 in terms of weight loss. I would seriously suggest trying some other classes.

    I must disagree strongly here.

    To quote Phillip and Jackie Mills in Fighting Globesity

    In a 13-week study by the University of Auckland's sports science department for Les Mills in 1998, BodyPump ... had the lowest calorie-burning effect during the workout of all our fitness classes. But at the end of the study, BodyPump had by far the highest result of percentage body-fat loss.

    The program recommendation is 2-3 times a week for best results.

  •  05-15-2011, 8:01 PM 109038 in reply to 108962

    Re: Body pump and weight loss

    marian i'm afraid i must disagree strongly and your strongly disagreeing ..    bodypump is of course a great way to tone up and build a little lean muscle mass ..  but seriously, for an hour's class i will burn twice as many calories in rpm as in pump.     Consider your little statement   a 13 week study in 1998 !!!  Hardly up to date, rpm only started in Q4 1998,    there would be so many variables in a study like that which really makes it hardly worth mentioning.    

    The simple fact is weight loss is the difference between calories in and calories out, and the point the other poster made is that the calorie expenditure of the other programs far exceeds that of pump.  To use pump as the primary focus for significant weight loss is folly, it is certainly an important part for maintaining / building lean muscle as part of an overall program but you've got to do some serious cardio to really burn the fat off.. 

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