Body Combat 46 certification video

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  •  02-05-2011, 3:11 PM 101183

    Body Combat 46 certification video


    I'm about to film my first cert video for Combat 46, tomorrow (yikes!). I have been given conflicting information regarding pausing between tracks. The video sheet states to press play and go, however other instructors who got certified on release 43 (?) were allowed to pause between tracks 5 and 6. On the DVD Dan pauses before track 6 to explain the evasive side kick and the esquiva. I am wondering if I am allowed to do the same and also have a quick sip of water. I'm really worried that my mouth will be super dry. What are your thoughts on this? Has anyone submitted their cert video on 46 yet?



  •  02-05-2011, 3:23 PM 101184 in reply to 101183

    Re: Body Combat 46 certification video

    Hello Portia,


    I've given my DVD cert, not with 46 but with a combination from older releases.

    Of course I paused. Personally, to all my classes, I do 3 tracks and then we stop for 1 minute and water. Some days, when my class feels very tired, they ask me to do the tracks 2 by 2. No problem at all. It's their class :-)

    When I add new tracks, and those tracks have new moves or something that must be explained, I always explain at the beginning.

    Most of the people who come to our classes, they are not so well trained so to exhaust them just to write your DVD I think this is not a good idea. 

    My opinion: Make your DVD the way you really teach it and you believe it's your best. And if this means, more pauses and water, yeap will no be any problem at all.


    Wishing you good luck with all my heart for your certification. :-)


  •  02-05-2011, 4:10 PM 101189 in reply to 101184

    Re: Body Combat 46 certification video

    The class is designed so you can press play and go, meaning that unless you mix the release is crafted so people will get recoveries when need be. You don't really NEED any extra pauses. I have one between 5 and 6 to drink some water and explain some move in T6 (if there's a need for it), and naturally one between 8 and 9 to grab a mat.
  •  02-05-2011, 11:44 PM 101203 in reply to 101189

    Re: Body Combat 46 certification video

    I'm not aware of any set rules about pausing for breaks, generally I like to schedule a pause between 3 & 4, this gives the opportunity to explain the shoot, jump kick, sweep whatever, and the last break between 5 & 6 in the case of 46, explaining the difference between a sidekick and evasive side kick or even set them up with low impact options from the very start (no pulse etc), another example is 45 to explain the inside mid block etc. Conditioning tracks I think always need to be paused, to explain release specifics like komodo dragon, alligator pushup, tripod pushup, twist combo (42), but 46's is so simple you probably don't need to set them up just tell them to lie on their backs.

    I became certified on 43 and my DVD I paused between 3&4 to explain the shoot (low impact, practical use etc.. while still gasping for air after 'send me an angel'), and 5&6 to explain the sword kata and do acouple practice runs before we started, pausing between 8 & 9 to show the tripod pushup.

     I know LM presenters who like to just do the single break between 5&6, but it's really all about time management, you have 56:18 of music with 46 (43 has 54mins).. so you have 3:42 to get setup (music, mic in belt, volume levels, hitting record on the cam also making sure the lens cap is off lol), intro, outtro and scheduled breaks.

  •  02-06-2011, 10:39 AM 101218 in reply to 101203

    Re: Body Combat 46 certification video



  •  02-06-2011, 2:58 PM 101240 in reply to 101218

    Re: Body Combat 46 certification video

    Easy rule of thumb for filming: If they take a pause on the DVD, then it's OK to do it on your DVD (and probably a good idea ;-) .)

     HOWEVER:  Remember you teach the class in front of you, so if you need to stop to explain something to them based on their ability, then of course do so.  And always remember there is probably a newbie there, so don't just assume everyone knows what is going on and give appropriate options.

  •  02-07-2011, 3:13 PM 101310 in reply to 101240

    Re: Body Combat 46 certification video

    I pause after 1-3 (demo step/jump kick and back kick) 4-5 (demo Eskiva), 6-8 (grab mat) 9-10. This would probably be the best setup for your video and give you time for a quick mouthful of water. You are don't pause the video though, just the music so keep it quick.

    If there are no new members (and a working headmic - grumble) I sometimes go 1-5, 6-8, 9-10.

  •  02-07-2011, 4:47 PM 101319 in reply to 101310

    Re: Body Combat 46 certification video

    They are not going to fail you for taking a break.

    I remember pausing in my video before track 5 to do an introduction to set the scene for the track (as we had had to script on the module) - and there was a comment about recommending the Push Play and Go approach - but nothing more than that.

    Please read my blog at:
  •  02-07-2011, 11:01 PM 101326 in reply to 101183

    Re: Body Combat 46 certification video

    I just shot my cert dvd for 46 myself yesterday! I paused before track 4 to explain the knee combo and jump kick, paused before track 6 for esquiva, and before track 9. There were a few new folks so I had to explain a few things. You don't want to pass out on your DVD for not drinking water, that's no good! Best of luck to you, hopefully we both get great feedback!
  •  02-13-2011, 11:37 AM 101722 in reply to 101183

    Re: Body Combat 46 certification video

    I agree if they pause on the DVD then you should be able to pause too but if they don't then you have to keep going.  For certification purposes, don't worry about stoping the class to correct the technique because when Les mills is doing your assessment they are only going to be worried about you not the class.  So just make sure that you know what you are doing and know what you are talking about.
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