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  •  08-15-2007, 6:35 PM

    Re: Just curious

    Hi, not really sure I am expert with the Billy Blanks Tae Bo.  Body Combat is a prechoreographed mix of several martial arts programs.  Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Brazilian Cappoeirra, Kung Fu, Karate, Boxing and even some original street fighting techniques.  All combined to  one.  High energy, sweat & calorie burning and fun work out.  Music is awesome.  Program Directors, Dan Cohen and Rachel Newsham=awesome.  New chorey and music every 3 months. Each one is better than the last. 

    Be sure to try the Fitness Programs link from the menu to the left and Learning The Moves will give you a breakdown of the key moves used in the class. 

     Hope that helps.

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