What are the best RPM tracks?

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  •  08-27-2008, 9:46 PM 39158

    What are the best RPM tracks?

    I've been doing RPM since March this year and loving it 3X a week @ the moment.

    I must say that RPM 39 has the best music of any LM program that I've done, and I love other tracks such as Paradise City, Night Train etc.

    But I'm wondering what other tracks I should request the instructors to do as they are soooo keen.

    Any suggestions, from tracks 1-9?

    Thanking you in anticipationBig Smile

  •  08-28-2008, 3:11 AM 39172 in reply to 39158

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    I agree with you that 39 is awesome... Ive been participating in RPM for a few years and got my self accreditated in March this year.

     I thinkg that for the pure intensity and the overall feel of the track I like:

    • Summer Rain T3 - 26
    • Fading Like A flower  T7 - 31 (a true killer)

    I agree with you on paradise city.... Love that... a good 1... Other wise a good T4/5 combo I like is the way you move and kryptonite from 29. I do love Kick Start My Heart from 39 though.... That is awesome.

  •  08-28-2008, 6:43 AM 39180 in reply to 39172

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    My favourite tracks in no particular order:
    • Hit That Perfect Beat- Bronski Beat (RPM 10 Interval Track) (Ouch!!)
    • Ride Like The Wind- Masterboy (RPM 13 Mixed Terrain)
    • Song 2- Blur (RPM 13 Mountain Climb)
    • Thunderstruck (Warp Bros Mix)- Blizzard Brothers (RPM 16 Mountain Climb)
    • Loaded- Ricky Martin (RPM 18)
    • Dancing With Myself- Billy Idol (RPM 19 Interval Track)
    • One Of My Kind- Rogue Traders (RPM 21 Hills)
    • Stomp!- DJ Alligator (RPM 21 Mountain Climb)
    • E- Drunkenmunky (RPM 21 Speed Work)
    • Breakaway- Big Pig (RPM 23 Mountain Climb)
    • Faster, Harder- Scooter (RPM 23 Interval Track)
    • Run To You- Novaspace (RPM 24 Hill Climb)
    • Clocks- Coldplay (RPM 26 Mixed Terrain)
    • The Night Train (Warp Brothers 2004 Remix)- Kadoc (RPM 26 Mountain Climb)
    • Run Away- Groove Coverage (RPM 28 Mountain Climb)
    • Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down (RPM 29 Interval track)
    • I Want You To Want Me (RPM 33 Interval track)
    • I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’- Scissor Sisters (RPM 34 Warmup)
    • Smells Like Teen Spirit (Vol 2 The Floor Mix)- The Warp Brothers (RPM 34 Mountain Climb) ++++++++++ Can't get enough of this one!!!
    • Behind The Cow- Scooter (RPM 38 Mountain Climb)
    • Blast The Speakers - Warp Brothers (RPM39 Mountain Climb)+++++++++++++++++ Another super fave of mine!
    • Hello (Good To Be Back)- Scooter (RPM 39 Hills)
    • Adelante - Sash! (RPM 40 Speed Track)  HOT!!!
    • Zombie - Vamprockers (RPM 40 Hill Track) WAY HOT!!!!
    Sheesh, I love RPM so much it was hard not to list every track of every release..!!  But these would have to be my absolute faves... Gee, are there enough Mountain Climbs and Interval tracks in there?? Stick out tongue
  •  08-28-2008, 8:03 AM 39184 in reply to 39158

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    Almost 1 year since I started RPM, I go for my initial training in 3 weeks. Some of my favs Yes are:

    RPM 39 - Tribal Dance Track 3

    RPM 37 - Underneath the Radar Track 3 (my #1 fav)

    RPM 36 - Little L Track 1, Straight Lines Track 4, Painkiller Track 5

    RPM 34 - Daddy Cool Track 2, Smells Like Teen Spirit Track 7

    RPM 33 - I want You to Want Me Track 5

    RPM 30 - Voodoo Child Track 3

    RPM 29 - Kryptonite Track 5, Why Track 6

    Also, Let's Go Crazy by Prince, Track 5 and Night Train Track 7 (Not sure which releases)

    - Robert

  •  08-28-2008, 7:22 PM 39227 in reply to 39180

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    "Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down (RPM 29 Interval track)"


    I've got to get a hold of that song!!

  •  08-28-2008, 11:15 PM 39237 in reply to 39227

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    Hey all,


    You're forgetting one: Going Insane - Warp Brothers (RPM 30 mountain climb) !! Stick out tongue

  •  08-29-2008, 4:32 AM 39246 in reply to 39237

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    ok, imma try this again. I posted yesterday and it said it had to be "approved"... so I  guess it was not approved.


    My absolute favorite is Behind the cow. That song pushes me so far over the edge. In the bridge, no matter how tired I am I can really let it fly.


    Here's to hoping this gets posted this time :)

  •  08-29-2008, 4:56 AM 39248 in reply to 39246

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    Amazing off 39 for me.......i love losing myself in the first aero........best feeling, great vocals
  •  08-29-2008, 8:55 AM 39261 in reply to 39158

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    Some great tracks have already been posted, so rather than repeat, I'll just add a few more of my personal favorites:

    32 - T5 - Scream, Billy Idol

    35 - T2 - Only One Too, Jewel

    36 - T3 - I Like to Move It, Zoo Gang

           T5 - Painkiller, Freestylers (a top favorite of instuctors and participants at my gym)

    37 - T6 - Sunspot (a simple speed work track that really lets you crawl inside yourself)

           T7 - Welcome to Africa

    39, as you said, has some great tracks, and keep an eye out for 40 if it hasn't launched yet.

    Ride on,


  •  09-16-2008, 6:11 AM 40316 in reply to 39261

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    As I’m a rookie and start just one month ago, I’m just use to hear in my classes the tracks from the latest CDs, so I put my bike “on fire” and my heart beat on max with this ones

    CD36 T6. Kate Ryan - Only If I

    CD37 T7. Paffendorf - Welcome To Africa

    CD38 T3. E-Type - True Believer 

    CD38 T4. The Killers - Read my mind

    CD39 T6. Ian Van Dahl - Where Are You Now

    Just can’t stop ride…..

  •  02-24-2009, 1:29 PM 52846 in reply to 39180

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    Thats a pretty hefty list...I'm sure there are tones more.  I'm sure I will find out sooner than later!


    Yours in Fitness! JP
  •  02-24-2009, 1:46 PM 52849 in reply to 52846

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    Even though I posted a list above, since I've been teaching, that has changed. My favorites (and ones that always get the crowd going) are:

    T3 Underneath the Radar (37), Voodoo Child (30), I Like to Move it (36) Yes, Hello (39)

    T5 Painkiller (36) Yes, Runnin Wild (38), Round and Round (31), Kickstart my Heart (39)

    T7 Runaway (28), Smells like Teen Spirit (34), Behind the Cow (38), Heaven (40) Yes, Yeah (27)

  •  02-24-2009, 3:19 PM 52864 in reply to 39158

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    My Favourites overall (in no order) RPM 40, 43, 44, 37, 38, 34,  30, 28, 29, 25 with some other tracks in between;

    RPM 42 - Going Wrong, Right by your side, New future weapon (Billy Idol makes killer interval track!).

    RPM 39 - Blast the speakers (I go crazy when this song plays!!!!), Who knew, Tribal dance, Hello (Good to be back).

    RPM 36 - You spin me round (LOVE THIS SONG!!!), Played-A-Live, I like to move it,


    RPM 35 -  Only one too, Riding on the wings.

    RPM 34 -  Sweet surrender, Smells like teen spirit, pretty vegas

    RPM 30 - Voodoo child, Going insane, Easy lover!!!!!!!

    RPM 27 - Yeah!!!, Let the rhythm rule, knock on wood.

    RPM 26 - The Night Train, Summer rain, hole in the head

    RPM 25 - California dreamin', boys of summer,Rain down on me

    RPM 23- Livin a lie (Fantastic!!)

    RPM 21- stomp!, phatt bass.

    RPM 20 - Loaded,  Reason,

    RPM 15 - we will rock you :D

    Plus any Billy Idol Track 5's :)

    RPM baby!!!
  •  02-25-2009, 4:31 AM 52922 in reply to 52864

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?

    Kickin it Loud from RPM 24 is a cool mountain track!

    I did that one on my module training. "Look out for that Mack truck!". Cool

  •  02-25-2009, 12:36 PM 52963 in reply to 39237

    Re: What are the best RPM tracks?


    Hey all,


    You're forgetting one: Going Insane - Warp Brothers (RPM 30 mountain climb) !! Stick out tongue

    Yes, and with St. Patrick's Day just around the corner (the bagpipes in the song) I say its going in my holiday playlist for class. It's also one of the longest Crying most challenging T7's in RPM... so my peeps are going to need the Luck of the Irish!Wink

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